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Environmentally friendly travel is the hallmark of Costa Rica. With the advent of rampant development on the Pacific Coast, it has become a little more difficult to find true green travel on the coasts. The large resorts, golf courses, condominium developments and gated communities that have sprung up from northern Guanacaste to Nicoya and Samara along the Pacific have thrown a pall over a once beautiful and pristine environment.

Green travel and environmentally friendly accommodations are still available in on the Osa Peninsula on the southern Pacific Coast and on the entire Caribbean coast especially on the Southern Caribbean Coast.

With its' miles of sandy beaches, the absence of golf courses, condominiums, private communities and large scale international resorts, the Caribbean Coast is still an untouched green and eco-friendly place. From Cahuita National Park to the Manzanillo-Gandoca wildlife refuge to the Talamanca Mountain range, much of the area is still as it was a hundred years ago. Pristine forests, beautiful waterfalls, undisturbed sandy beaches.
The hotels, Cabinas, lodges, cottages, Bungalows, Bed & Breakfasrs and Cabins are built on a small scale and are mostly built with the environment in mind. The beaches are still left to their natural state and are mostly void of buildings, restaurants and other human incursions outside of the villages of Cahuita and Puerto Viejo itself. Development has been slow to come to the Caribbean Coast, leaving hectares of jungle and beaches abounding with birds and animals.

Our lodgings at Coral Hill Bungalows located in Playa Negra in Cahuita have been designed and built as environmentally friendly. None of the trees were removed for the construction and all of the new plantings have been done with the environment in mind. The property abounds with animals and birds that feed on the abundant fruits that surround the property. We have one of the largest populations of Agouti in Cahuita. Because we have jungle in the back and jungle in the front, many birds use the many trees as places to feed, rest and nest.

Our bungalows have a low impact on the landscape and are built of native local hardwoods blended to give a serene feeling of comfort and elegance. The unique design leaves a minimum of impact on the terrain and the environment. Their design allows for maximum air flow and comfort without air conditioning. They are designed to breathe with their surroundings, so that the inside is part of the outside and vise a versa. They are spacious and private and the perfect place for an environmentally friendly honeymoon or romantic getaway. The gardens are a riot of colors and smells. The trees filled with birds and a light breeze blows in from the ocean. Built on a centuries old coral reef elevates them enough to take in the breezes from the ocean, just a short walk away, without being imposing on the landscape.

Come see what Coral Hill Bungalows has to offer for an environmentally friendly Honeymoon, romantic getaway or quite green travel retreat.